Apple TV Plus could let you download shows for offline play

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Apple TV Plus is set to hit our screens later this year – but the finer details of how the interface of the TV streaming service will work, and the exact features that will come with it, have continued to elude us. A new Apple TV Plus leak, however, may have given us a neat tidbit about its offline functionality.

According to MacRumors, there are strings of code in macOS Catalina – the latest Mac operating system – that refer to the upcoming Apple TV Plus platform.

These sections of code refer to a “download limit” for Apple TV Plus shows, suggesting you’ll be able to download a limited number of TV show episodes and the like, much as you can with Netflix or Amazon Prime Video (though neither services offered this at launch). Other services like Hulu, however, still do not offer this functionality, so it could still help make Apple TV Plus compete in the TV streaming market.

Flexible viewing

Other strands of code also refer to restrictions on simultaneous streaming, meaning you’re unlikely to be able to watch on as many screens as you like as the same time – though Apple could well offer more premium pricing plans that are more flexible around this.

With Apple aiming for quality over quantity, with a keen eye for Oscars season, and a star-studded lineup of shows including Jennifer Aniston and Steve Carell’s The Morning Show, it will be crucial for the service’s features to aid users’ viewing habits – and offline watching could be a big boon for those who tend to catch up on TV shows and films on their commute, or in places where they don’t have strong internet access.

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