Antonio Brown riles up Steelers fans again on social media: ‘My ex still thinks of me’

X Scalper

Antonio Brown continues to be a lightning rod in Pittsburgh, the city where he developed into one of the NFL’s biggest stars. Things went south — and have stayed there — after Brown forced his way out of Pittsburgh this past offseason while saying some disparaging words about the Steelers‘ organization on his way out the door. 

Steelers fans have kept their collective eye on Brown despite him leaving Pittsburgh for Oakland back in March — it’s been hard not to have an eye on Brown given how much he’s been in the media for his frostbitten feet and helmet fiasco). The Pittsburgh area watched Brown’s appearance in the most recent “Hard Knocks” episode in record numbers. Brown responded to Pittsburgh’s viewership of him on “Hard Knocks” in the following tweet, a tweet that has since gone viral. 

While Steelers fans may still be thinking of him, the majority of them no longer miss Brown, whose off-field drama began to overshadow his on-field production during his final season in Pittsburgh. While no one in Pittsburgh can deny Brown’s immense talent, it can also be said that the Steelers are still better off without Brown, as Pittsburgh has laid low this summer while re-focusing on the task at hand of bringing the franchise its seventh Vince Lombardi Trophy. 

Brown, on the other hand, continues to be in the news on a daily basis, and mostly for the wrong reasons. His ongoing actions have already taken a toll on his new team, with Raiders general manager Mike Mayock giving Brown an ultimatum earlier this week after Brown failed to report to Oakland’s facility. 

While Brown is apparently back in the Raiders’ good graces, he still has to prove this season that he can be the same receiver with Derek Carr as he was with Ben Roethlisberger. The Steelers, on the other hand, will continue the rebuild of their new-look offense that no longer features Brown, the No. 2 all-time franchise leader in catches, yards, and touchdowns. 

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