$150 off a Samsung Galaxy S4 tablet (and a free S Pen)? Yes please

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The Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 is showing its age, but it’s still a worthy iPad alternative for those wedded to Google’s Android ecosystem. As Samsung gradually rolls out its successor, vendors are dropping the price of the S4 to clear stock.

Amazon, for example, is selling a Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 for just shy of $500, with a free S Pen included. This model comes with 64GB of storage, which should be enough for most people.

If you enjoy hoarding apps and movies and want a full 256GB of storage, you just need to pay an extra $100. That’s amazing value.

Although this tablet is more expensive than other products on the market (it’s several times more expensive than the 10-inch Amazon Fire HD tablet, for example), several key features make it a compelling choice, particularly for those productivity-minded users.

The presence of DeX, for example, gives you a PC-style environment for creating documents and crunching emails. Meanwhile, the bundled S-Pen allows you to easily jot down notes and create sketches.

And then there’s the entertainment features. The S4’s crisp AMOLED screen lends itself favorably to movie binges, while the far-field microphone allows you to use Google Assistant even when stood at a relative distance.

The 64GB Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 typically retails for $650, while the 256GB model usually has a list price of $750. For a limited time, you can get both models for $150 off.

If you don’t mind being slightly behind the curve, it’s a deal worth checking out.


Readers in the UK shouldn’t feel left out. If you’ve been eyeing up the excellent new Honor 20 Lite phone, you’ll be glad to know it’s currently on sale until the 3rd of September. It’s currently on sale for £220, rather than the usual £250.

In addition to brick-and-mortar stores like Carphone Warehouse, Argos, and John Lewis, you can also take advantage of this deal at Amazon.

Not bad. Not bad at all.

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Published August 22, 2019 — 12:20 UTC


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