June 1, 2020

$130 at Costco] Lenovo’s 10-inch Smart Display marked down to just $140 this weekend

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There sure are a lot of Lenovo smart home gadgets on sale this weekend — the Smart Clock for $50, the 8″ Smart Display bundle for $90, and now the larger the 10″ Smart Display on sale for $140, down from an original price of $250. That’s $10 less than previous online deals we’ve seen.

The discounted price is valid at Best Buy, Walmart, and Lenovo.com, where Students, Military, Teachers, and Seniors get a further $7 off, and the sale will likely last the weekend (see the eCoupon code’s name).

I can attest to the usefulness of the Smart Display 10 — coming from a Nest Hub, the extra screen real estate makes it a lot easier to see from across the room. There’s a larger 10-inch Nest Hub Max in the works, but for now, this is the largest Google Home display you can buy.

While the Lenovo Smart Displays have been around for a whole year now, they’ve been getting regular software updates from Google/Lenovo and it doesn’t look like that support will be drying up anytime soon. You can give Ryne’s review of the Smart Display a read — though keep in mind that the device has got more refined since that was published.

at Costco for $130, a further $10 off.

The sale is valid through 8/28, but you do have to be a Costco member to purchase it.

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