Xbox Live Games With Gold For August 2019

X Scalper

Bnet34314m ago

I played all these games and they are all good. Gears 4 is solid for free and MP community is still there but its small, campaign is meeeeehhhhhh but MP you can have fun with and Horde mode too. Forza 6 is the last great Forza game. F5 was rushed and bare bones (it was a launch title ill give em a pass…) and 7 is a microtransaction fest, so you’re good with F6. Torchlight is great little Diablo clone. if those are your games, another solid title. Nothing ground breaking, but its a nice little game. And Castlevania is underrated. If you like action games like GoW, you’ll like CV LoS. This is a great month for free xbox games, shame I played all these lol.

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