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X Scalper

When MachineGames took over the aging Wolfenstein brand and soft-rebooted the series under Bethesda as a publisher, people were hesitant to say the least. But it worked out, and MachineGames’ fundamental understanding of what Wolfenstein is as a game, combined with some excellent, satirical/earnest hybrid writing, led to a cult hit. The sequel was bigger and better, taking more risks in both its gameplay and storytelling. But, like the first game’s Old Blood pseudo spin-off, the team has now released Youngblood. Ostensibly a sequel to the second game, Youngblood takes the core gameplay of MachineGames’ Wolfenstein and just piles a crap-ton of experimental ideas on top. The end result is kind of a confusing mess, but the fun protagonists and co-op play style make the story worth running through at least once.

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