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With how constant the news cycle is these days, I spend a great deal of time at my desk writing up the news. As such, it’s only fitting to make sure that I’ve got everything I need right here. While some of my gear isn’t exactly brand new, it’s solid, reliable, and gets the job done. When I’m not working, sometimes it is good to just unwind with “comfort food” — games that I’ve played before but that are still great to go back to.

Staff Pick

I picked this monitor up a couple of years ago and it has done a fantastic job so far. Whether I’m working and managing a bunch of different tabs, playing a PC game, or hooking up my PlayStation 4, the response time and clean image are fantastic.

$255 at Amazon

Recently, my long-time wired headset gave out and broke, so I had to grab a replacement. This headset from Razer has been fantastic for the price and it works with my PC and all my consoles.

$89 at Amazon

The first mouse I got when I built my computer back in 2014 is still going strong. Simple, ergonomic, and easy to clean, this is a great mouse for gaming or getting some work done.

$40 at Amazon

While it is a bit on the pricier side, I’ve had this keyboard for the past few years and I’ve loved it. It has multiple programmable keys that come in handy for different games (especially RTS titles), an ergonomic hand rest so I don’t strain myself, as well as complete backlighting that can be changed up.

$180 at Amazon

My brothers gave me this Funko POP and now he stands up on my desk. Whenever I find myself weary or irritable, glancing over it at brings Alan Rickman’s deep, dulcet tones to mind, which is pretty nice.

$9 at Amazon

Yeah, I haven’t upgraded to a Pro yet and with the next-generation coming in 2020, I probably won’t at this point. I mainly only use my PlayStation 4 for exclusive titles, so this original, non-Slim edition has served well.

$285 at Amazon

One of my favorite games, The Last of Us Remastered is a must-own if you’ve got a PS4. I’m planning a replay to finally earn the Platinum before the much-anticipated Part 2 releases.

$15 at Amazon

Until Dawn is one of the most underrated games on the PlayStation 4. An excellent love letter to slasher horror, it’s got twists and turns you won’t see coming and is incredibly replayable thanks to its multiple endings. The snowy mountain setting is perfect, and the cast is great. Settling in with a nice drink and playing this in the evening is one of the best ways to end the work day.

$13 at Amazon

When I’m at E3 or other gaming events, I need something reliable to help me record interviews. This digital recorder stores dozens of hours of high-quality audio and has made interviewing an infinitely easier process.

$35 at Amazon

It’s not easy to get screenshots off of my PlayStation 4 for reviews or articles. This drive has made it an easy process, however, as 128GB is more than enough to store screenshots and video clips aplenty.

$19 at Amazon

Keeping things clean and simple

I’m all about simplicity, which means trying to keep what I need around so I can be as fast and efficient in providing coverage as possible. As such, my 128GB USB stick is probably the most valuable thing I have here. Whether we’re talking PR assets, screenshots, or video clips (edited and unedited), it’s all backed up here. The speed with which is easily transfers even massive collection of screenshots or PR files is impressive and I can’t recommend it enough.

Beyond that, this ASUS monitor has been a solid purchase. While it isn’t a 4K display, it has 1ms response time and supports up to 144hz refresh rates, which is utterly revolutionary, especially when playing RTS games (Wololo!).

I also appreciate these Razer Kraken Pro V2 headphones I recently picked up. Whether I’m on a group call, listening to music while I work or playing something on PC, PS4, Xbox One or my Switch, they work like a charm. Considering the price, they’re easily my favorite headset ever.

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