What Happened To PlayStation Exclusive Getaway?

X Scalper

purple10123h ago(Edited 23h ago)

Rumor has it sony have some sort of exclusive with rockstar on the next GTA. Talking of that..

This would really seal the market up for them.

Also interestingly I remember getting a Sony VAIO Pro 13 laptop it had some sort of special SSD the way it’s interfaced which motherboard was light years ahead back in 2013 then nvme. M. 2 and all that jazz came along with my little laptop from 2013 already heard similar albeit not by name.

Just goes to show they are ahead in technology terms ASWELL as games. I cannot wait to see the SSD speed on ps5. I’m thinking it’s twice as fast as competitors..

Now you would think all manufacturers would using off-the-shelf Samsung made fastest Evo model but from my laptop I had in 2013, I know so if they put their minds to it, they they will make a better one.

(just incase anyone’s interested)

I also think it’s down tuo how big a loss there wiling to take per console.. and being Japanese, very humble… I’m sure it’s quite a lot!

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