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It has been a long time since the release of the iPhone 7 in 2016, and a lot has changed in smartphone design since that point. But at a new low price, the handset remains a great option for those who choose it, and is now the cheapest phone still sold by Apple.

Another added benefit of this older handset is the enormous variety of cases designed and issued since its release, helped by the fact that iPhone 8 cases will fit the device too for the most part given that they share so much design-wise.

Whether you are looking for something to pretty your phone up, a little customization, or a solid protective case, there are plenty of options at every price point. Read on for our pick of the best iPhone 7 cases currently on the market.

These are products that we haven’t had in our test labs, but based on our experts’ opinion and knowledge of the most reputable brands around, we think these are worth looking at.

Our selections, ranked with newer additions at the top, take into account online reviews, brand reputation, product capability, or unique features, to help you pick through the maze of choices available to you.

(Image credit: Apple)

1. Apple iPhone 7 Silicone Case

Good quality

Slim build

Pricey for a basic case

Above many things, the iPhone 7 is a slim beast – that’s part of its appeal. It is a small handset, and therefore a blessing for those with smaller hands. Bulky cases can detract from this, but the official Apple Silicone Case is pleasingly slim.

Boasting a grippy material which also improves resistance to scratches, shocks and falls, and available in a variety of color choices, this is an attractive no-fuss option for those looking for simple protection and decent looks. It’s available directly from Apple.

Image credit: Syncwire

(Image credit: Syncwire)

2. Syncwire UltraRock Case for iPhone 7

A cheap way to keep your iPhone safe


Offers reasonable protection


Taking the idea of no-fuss to its logical conclusion, we enter the large and sometimes dangerous land of the ultra-budget phone case.

Mostly these are chunky plastic affairs that hold onto the various oils of the human hand with gusto, but there are nonetheless some worth considering if price is your main concern.

The Syncwire UltraRock is solid, dependable and will offer reasonable protection from scuffs, scrapes and drops – but don’t expect more than that. It’s available from Amazon.

Image credit: OtterBox

(Image credit: OtterBox)

3. OtterBox Universe Case for iPhone 7

Very customizable

Very different


Not cheap

Sometimes simple cuts it – when nothing more is needed than protection, there are many phone cases which fit the bill.

But sometimes a little more is needed, sometimes you might want something that’s a little left-field, and the Universe by OtterBox is just that.

Offering protection and decent looks, it also features a mad, swappable module system. A battery, a card reader, camera parts and more can be added to augment the iPhone experience. This is one for those looking for something different in their life. You can buy it direct from OtterBox.

Image credit: Jimmycase

(Image credit: Jimmycase)

4. Jimmycase iPhone 7 Wallet Case

Space for cash and cards

Comes in lots of colors

Your cash is visible

Options for those who like to bundle their cards and cash with their smartphone in a case tend to be mostly of one persuasion – the foldable wallet case.

While these are practical, they have trade-offs in terms of the relatively cumbersome rear, however there are certain options which keep a slim profile as well as providing practical storage.

The endlessly customizable Jimmycase wallet case is one such example. With space for cash and cards on the rear, it also provides protection from drops, shocks and falls and looks good doing so. It’s available directly from Jimmycase.

Image credit: Wrappers

(Image credit: Wrappers)

5. iPhone Alcantara Pouch by Wrappers

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