Tesla employees claim shortcuts on Model 3 production, poor conditions, report says

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Eight former and current Tesla employees said the company’s open-air factory in Fremont, Calif., GA4, provides poor working conditions and caused damage to plastic housings.

As reported by CNBC on Monday, workers on the Model 3 assembly line said they were pressured by supervisors to fix plastic parts with electrical tape to patch cracks caused by cold temperatures, and reduce vehicle testing for water leaks to meet production goals.

Tesla employees also told CNBC they were expected to work through cold temperatures at night, in high heat in the day and in smoky air during wildfires in Northern California last year.

A Tesla spokesperson said in an emailed statement that allegations of production shortcuts were “not true.”

“This is not a practice that we follow or what we instruct our employees to do,” the spokesperson said. “Dedicated inspection teams track every car throughout every shop in the assembly line and every vehicle is then subjected to an additional quality control process towards the end of line.”

The company also said “anecdotes reported by CNBC from a few unnamed sources are misleading and do not reflect our manufacturing practices or what it’s like to work at Tesla.”

“We work hard to create a work environment that is as safe, fair and fun as possible,” Tesla’s statement said. “In fact, we have a large number of employees who request to work on GA4 based on what they hear from colleagues and what they have seen first-hand.”

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