Tesla cars may stream Netflix, YouTube when not moving, Elon Musk tweets

X Scalper

Tesla tweeted Friday it was beginning its global roll-out of chess for the Tesla Arcade. Musk said on Saturday the Unity game engine port was done and that they were finessing the controls. He added that there would be additional game storage via USB.

Musk also replied that the company is “maybe” two to three months away from unveiling its pickup truck offering. He said Tesla is close, “but the magic is in the final details.”

Version 10 of Tesla’s software will include games, infotainment features, an improved highway Autopilot, better traffic light and stop sign recognition as well as smart summon, Musk said in a separate tweet. When asked if the version would include the ability to read a text message through speakers, Musk replied “yes,” in another post.

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