Social media video of sports cars colliding prompts RCMP investigation

X Scalper

Video has surfaced on social media showing two high-powered sports cars involved in a dramatic collision in Surrey.

Local Mounties have said they’re investigating the incident, which happened on Highway 10 and 132 Street on Sunday.

The video shows the two Dodge Vipers stopped at a traffic light then they both start to accelerate alongside each other.

The red Viper collides into the rear passenger side of the black car, causing the black vehicle to swerve.

The Viper is a high-horsepower sports car, according to a local Dodge dealership salesperson who doesn’t want to be identified.

“[Vipers] are so powerful. Unless you’re a responsible driver, they’re literally hell on wheels,” they said.

Surrey RCMP confirm the crash was reported to them and they are using the video as part of their investigation.

It’s unclear who shot the social media video, but the person who shared it on Twitter said it had been circulating on WhatsApp. The clip has also been shared on Reddit.

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