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ReconaSense provides adaptive physical security using artificial intelligence

Physical security has been stuck in a forensic and siloed mindset for decades, while the rest of the enterprise has evolved and transformed into proactive, connected operations. A new security management platform based on artificial intelligence (AI) seeks to change that status quo by using modern tools for unification, analytics and controls.
AI-based security management 
“Security teams are managing more moving parts than ever,” says Clayton Brown, Co-Founder of ReconaSense. “As it stands today, the industry can’t keep pace with the digital transformation and the ‘smart’ movement. Physical security must transition from forensic security to proactive, risk-adaptive security.”
ReconaSense says the company is changing the physical security industry with AI-based technology and a risk-adaptive approach
ReconaSense says the company is changing the physical security industry with AI-based technology and a risk-adaptive approach. “We’re focused on making security integrated, adaptive and proactive,” says Brown. The flagship product, ReconAccess, is a risk-adaptive physical access control system. It controls who can go where, when, in a building. Taken a step further, ReconAccess analyses risk to prevent an authorised person from entering a room if there is a danger or threat present. It also can spot abnormal activity that may warrant further investigation, i.e., insider threats.
ReconAccess unification security solution
ReconAccess is part of a unification platform that includes geospatial AI, mobile apps and analytics. ReconaSense helps organisations to mitigate risk effectively in two ways. First, the system pulls in data from disparate systems into a unified language. And then, it enables users to proactively identify risk and threats before they become issues. “We provide actionable guidance and unprecedented visibility so that they can implement appropriate controls for quick remediation and risk mitigation,” says Brown. 
In general, ReconaSense will improve life safety, future-proof physical security, and provide enhanced situational awareness, he says.
Application programming interfaces (APIs)
By creating a database translation layer through application programming interfaces (APIs), ReconaSense normalises diverse data into a common language, or database. Previous unification platforms have presented data from different systems into a common presentation layer.
ReconaSense goes deeper by extracting, transforming and loading these diverse languages into a common format for humans and machines alike to understand what is going on across their operation in real-time.

ReconaSense was honoured with the Security Industry Association (SIA) New Product Showcase Award for Access Control Software at ISC West 2019

Security and risk unification
The ReconaSense security and risk unification platform integrates and translates siloed data across systems, devices and applications into a common language, which makes it easier to focus on what matters most and keep risk at bay.
“We can change permissions in real time based on any individual behavior or environment,” says Brown. “Being able to assess risk on both sides of the door enables organisations to not only improve security but also improve life safety. We are also positioned to detect insider threats and to streamline operations overall.”
Security and data integration
ReconaSense provides a common operating picture integrating all the incoming security and relevant data across an organisation
ReconaSense provides a common operating picture integrating all the incoming security and relevant data across an organisation. The security intelligence platform can detect early warning signs and abnormal events and implement remediation actions swiftly. The platform can more deeply integrate 3rd-party data systems, analyse and score the data for risk trends, and then activate changes with a native access control system based on this intelligence.
ReconaSense works with traditional security integrators as its exclusive channel. They are actively adding more dealers to the network. At this point, distribution is not on the roadmap, but could be beyond the current horizon as the industry matures.
Intelligent approach to physical security
“The market is ready for the new technology”, says Brown. “We must continue to educate integrators and end users on the need to move to a more proactive, intelligent and integrated approach for physical security,” he says. “We have to help demonstrate that AI is not as scary or far away as you think. It’s here today.”
In one year, ReconaSense expects to grow its team and partner network significantly and to be deployed in a variety of sites across North America. The current team consists of technologists, engineers, IT and physical security experts and data scientists. ReconaSense is headquartered in Austin, Texas, and has a technology center in New York.

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