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PLAINFIELD — A Democratic Town Committee-endorsed candidate for the Plainfield Board of Finance is apologizing for a series of social media posts that reference rifle scopes, bullets and the president.

Trave Harmon, 42, a first-time candidate for local office, said he made the posts on various community forums partly in jest and partly out of anger and fear for what he sees as the direction of the country since the election of President Donald Trump.

The posts, many made this year before Harmon decided to run for office and since removed, include mentions of buying a rifle scope in response to another individual’s plea to cool down the hateful political rhetoric that has engulfed the country.

“no. Sorry, got to purchase a red Dot scope,” Harmon wrote.

When asked by another poster if Harmon’s response was because he was a second amendment supporter or hunter, Harmon wrote, “sure…hunting.”

In another post featuring a picture of President Trump, Harmon states it’s “Time to use the second amendment folks, remember what the french do to corrupt politicians.”

In the same post, Harmon, responding to an individual lamenting Trump’s perceived “packing the court with appointees” and “stonewalling.” Harmon offers a final thought.

“Just a single bullet…just one,” he wrote.

Harmon, owner of Triton Technologies, described himself as a “very vocal progressive” and first amendment rights advocate who was upset with Trump’s election.

“In retrospect, I can see those posts were inappropriate and I apologize for making them,” he said Wednesday. “Some of the posts really were about buying a rifle scope; I grew up with guns and that’s something that still interests me.”

Harmon, who said he does not advocate violence and isn’t a “run-of-the-mill candidate,” said some posts were meant to be humorous, while others were made out of frustration with the current administration.

“I’m not one to compromise my belief system and I know all this will probably cost me votes and I understand that,” he said. “Since Trump’s election, some of us are legitimately scared. But those posts were not appropriate.”

Karla Desjardins, chairman of the Democratic Town Committee, said she was not aware of Harmon’s posts until he called her Wednesday after being contacted by The Bulletin.

“(Harmon) was incredibly apologetic when he talked to me,” she said. “I believe him when he said he meant no harm.”

Desjardins said Harmon’s endorsement as a finance board candidate earlier this month was made based on his background and willingness to serve the town.

“I know Trave as a dedicated community volunteer, a father of four and someone who’s attended and spoke at several Board of Finance meetings,” she said. “That energy and his willingness to work to make the town better is why he was endorsed.”

Donald Kivela, chairman of the Republican Town Committee said he was unaware of the issue and declined to comment.


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