Online trolls are bullies and they need to stop posting negative comments.

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What you need to know:

  • Online trolls are bullies and they need to stop posting negative  comments.
  • Some people are deeply affected by what trolls post on social media and it affects their mental health.

Trolls are everywhere. They are present on every social media platform and they are ready to sting. Well, we have definitely, heard, seen and sometimes even read of trolls spitting nasty venom on these social media platforms. With everyone having access to social media through their smartphones, trolling others has become easier. I think there are many people who are unhappy with their lives and since they can’t find the right direction, they troll other people and say nasty things.

Sending good messages or messages of support to others, can turn anyone’s bad day into a beautiful one. However, mean and demeaning messages can spoil anyone’s day and mood. Anyone who writes and then sends nasty messages online, for few seconds they should pause and ask themselves: Is this the right thing to do? A wicked message can destroy someone’s self-esteem.

It’s easy to be critical or judgmental but it takes guts to put yourself in someone else’s shoes and live their life even for one day. Trolling has adverse effects and can affect anyone. Many celebrities and public figures get trolled.

On the news we hear that some children have taken their lives because they have been trolled online. I read about a 14-year-old girl in the UK who committed suicide. Her grieving parents cannot get their daughter back but they sent a message for everyone: “Stop bullying of children online by posting nasty comments.” It’s never fun or good to put someone down, it’s never healthy to shame someone on social media.

Please understand people who do this are causing immense suffering and pain to others, and hurting someone, is never a good choice.

A moment of anger, sometimes blinds people, never write or post something when you are extremely annoyed with something or someone. A brief moment of anger can have a ripple effect and can have negative repercussions.

To praise someone or to motivate someone genuinely affects your own health for good. Thinking good thoughts and sending good messages will help people see the goodness inside your own heart.

– The reader is a resident of Finland

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