Nintendo Isn’t ‘Behind’ When it Comes to VR States Shigeru Miyamoto

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Apocalypse Shadow12h ago(Edited 12h ago)

Nintendo is capable of building a VR headset. The problem is that headsets are typically solitary experiences. Passing around Labo is nice in theory. But it doesn’t change the single player aspect. Nintendo is usually all about playing together locally or socially.

Also, Virtual Boy was not VR. It was a 3D headset patterned after the Famicom 3D system. It had no VR technology built in. And was an evolution of Nintendo 3D glasses used for games like Rad Racer.


Nes. Gameboy/Gameboy color-portable Nes
SNES. Gameboy Advance-portable SNES
N64. Nintendo DS-portable N64
Famicom 3D system. Virtual Boy- portable Famicom 3D system
Gamecube/Wii/Wii U. Nintendo Switch- portable GameCube/Wii/Wii U.

That’s Nintendo’s pattern. 3DS was just taking what they learned from previous portables and merging them. Also a portable Virtual boy that you didn’t have to wear and put your face into to see 3D.

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