Netflix Has Big Plans For Video Games

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IamTylerDurden12h ago(Edited 2h ago)

The Witcher is already off to a questionable start.

Henry Cavill is too young for Geralt and he looks nothing like the in-game depiction.

Cavill wears a medallion with a picture of the wolf rather than the fully formed medallion we’ve come to know.

Cavill carries just a single sword on his back. I know, Geralt didn’t always carry both in the books, but c’mon, the show is being made because TW3 sold 20 million copies. The games are the reason for the popularity and the show should realize that.

Yennifer and Ciri look horrendous. Yen is nothing like the long haired beauty we’ve come to know. The actor is darker, less attractive, and has unimpressive medium length hair.

The actor playing Ciri is homely and feeble. She appears to have blonde hair as well. Maybe the hair color was just lighting, but she did not represent a strong, beautiful, formidable young warrior.

Castlevania is pretty solid though.

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