September 29, 2020

Moto E6 quietly launches on Verizon, but struggles to justify the $50 price hike

X Scalper

Motorola has traditionally served the low-end smartphone market well, but its value proposition isn’t what it used to be. To make matters worse, the latest in the Moto E series comes with an unusually high price tag. Verizon has quietly launched the Moto E6 for $150, although it’s hardly much of an upgrade over the Moto E5.

While Motorola does upgrade the processor to the more capable (but still old) Snapdragon 435, it also shrinks the battery size down to 3,000mAh, a whopping 1,000mAh less than its predecessor. The same is true for the IPS display, which is now 5.5 inches diagonally, a decrease of 0.2 inches. The $50 price hike over the E5 simply doesn’t feel justified in view of the spec sheet. At least the new device comes with the latest software, Android 9 Pie, a fingerprint reader, and Motorola’s Moto action features.

If for some reason you’re still interested in purchasing the Moto E6, check out the source link below — it’s available as of today. Meanwhile, the Moto E5 is down to $70 on Amazon, which is almost certainly a better option.

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