Kingdom Come, Which Has A Chicken In Every Cutscene, Is Featured In August’s Humble Monthly Bundle

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Watch out, Amazon Prime DayHumble Monthly, the subscription service that delivers a group of PC games to your gaming account every month, has Kingdom Come: Deliverance as one of its titles for August 2019.

Deliverance is a no-fantasy RPG from Mafia creator Daniel Vavra’s studio, Warhorse. The game was originally released in 2018 for PC, as well as PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

GameSpot’s review of Kingdom Come scored the game an 8/10. “This is one of those rare, memorable games that stays with you long after you stop playing,” reviewer Brett Todd said.

Other outlets praised the game as well, but if that’s not enough to get you to consider picking it up on Humble Monthly, you should know that there is a chicken in every cutscene in the game.

“In every single [cutscene], appropriate or not, there’s a hen somewhere in some form. And let me tell you, sometimes it was very challenging to find a spot for it and we had to be very creative,” Warhorse said on Reddit.

Another one of the Humble Monthly games for August is Surviving Mars, the highly acclaimed 2018 city-building game from Tropico developer Haemimont Games.

The rest of August 2019’s Humble Monthly titles will be announced later. You must subscribe by August 2 to get the bundle. Memberships are available starting at $12 USD/month.

Go to Humble Monthly’s FAQ page here to learn more.

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