It’s Time to Stop Making Excuses for Nintendo

X Scalper

Neonridr19m ago

Nobody is perfect, I adore Nintendo products but I still have plenty to gripe about. While I can appreciate their most recent strategy with the Switch as it appeals and relates to me greatly, I still do wish I could have something more powerful at my disposal. That being said, I am a level headed person who actually understands the limitations that accompany using such a device. Anyone who complains and says they expect PS4 level performance in a device that is a fraction of the size while coming in at the same or cheaper price is clearly just making problems for the sake of it. I am fine with the hardware and know what I am getting with the games that appear on it.

That being said, I really wish Nintendo would bring in some different people to handle the online side of things. It really is a mess and they should not be making such a simple thing like voice chat or having friends such a chore to achieve. The eshop is quickly becoming bloated and it is making it hard to find things. So many great indie games are being lost in the shuffle because Nintendo isn’t making a better way to highlight these games.

Here’s hoping Nintendo is at least open to adapting and changing as time goes on. We shall see I guess.

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