I wish Apple would whole-ass its new MacBooks

X Scalper

I understand why Apple doesn’t pay as much attention to its Macbooks as it used to. Its iPhone sales are strong (accounting for 53 percent of the company’s total revenue) and its services arm is on the rise. The big money isn’t in laptops any more.

Despite this, the company has made some decent noise in the space recently. Last week, it announced that it’s moving away from the much-despised butterfly keyboards (find out what those are here) — something that really should’ve happened a long time ago. But, you know, baby steps.

Now, Apple has made another move in the right direction by cleaning up its laptop range. The thing is, all of this feels half-assed. Not bad, but not great either. And, for once in recent memory, I really wish the company would whole-ass its MacBook range.

First, the MacBook news

Let’s go to our old friends, the bullet points, to help sum up the most recent machines.

  • The “MacBook” is no more — the 12-inch computer is being discontinued
  • All MacBook Airs will come with a Retina display (devices without this will be fazed out) and will also feature True Tone
  • Every MacBook Pro will have the Touch Bar, meaning the model without this will no longer be produced by Apple
  • The new entry-level MacBook will sell for $1,299 and has refreshed specs, including a fresh 8th-gen 1.4GHz Intel i5 quad-core processor
  • Across the board, SSDs have been made cheaper

If you’d like more detail on these changes, have a look here.