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PlayStation Now is a huge service these days, with over 700 games in its library. That is a lot of games to look through to find something you haven’t played, or might want to play again. We have distilled that list into our top picks for your PlayStation Now experience.

★ Featured favorite

The Last of Us

The Last of Us is a modern classic in video games. With a gripping storyline, compelling characters, and excellent voice acting, the game draws you in and emotionally connects you to the people on the screen. You want them to survive, and you will work hard to help them. Having this fantastic game available on PlayStation Now makes it almost worthwhile just on its own.

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Rocket League

Staff Pick

Rocket League is an action-packed, and often hilarious multiplayer game that was the first truly cross-platform game. The mix of destruction derby and soccer is brilliant fun, and I still play regularly.

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Use the blocks luke

Lego Star Wars: The complete Saga

There are plenty of people out there that will tell you that Lego Star Wars are great games for kids. They are wrong; they are great games for anybody. I highly recommend you play this game if you are a fan of Star Wars.

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Retro goodness

Alex Kidd in Miracle World

I only found out that Alex Kidd was on PS Now while researching this article and now I am stoked! My Master System 2 came with this game built-in, and it is a defining part of my childhood. You should definitely play it if you haven’t before.

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Yeehaw Cowboy

Red Dead Redemption

Regarded as one of the best open-world games ever, Red Dead Redemption has a lot to recommend it. If you have ever thought of playing Red Dead 2, you should try this first, to get a taste of the aesthetic.

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I am the night!

Batman: Arkham games

PlayStation Now has every Batman: Arkham game available to play as part of the subscription and they are amazing. Stealthy action, great storylines, and iconic characters all create some of the best third-person action games ever made.

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Use paper with spit

Monkey Island 2: Special Edition

If you were around in the ’90s when point and click adventures were all the rage, you would know that the Monkey Island games are fantastic. If you are a young whippersnapper, you should get this game and enjoy the living heck of it. It’s funny, witty, and challenging.

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The Bioshock series

The entire Bioshock series is available to play on PlayStation Now, including Infinite, one of the best games I have ever played. The storyline, gameplay mechanics and overall vintage/futuristic feel of the environments makes for some of the best games around.

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Hell in the cell

WWE 2K18

Wrestling games have come a long way over the years, and WWE 2K18 is one of the best. The gameplay is so good you can almost see the sweat flying off your wrestler as they jump off the top rope, slamming into their opponent.

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Side scrolling


While I personally don’t enjoy Terraria, my son (Aged 13) told me I had to put it on this list because it is “one of the best games ever made.” I’m glad he likes it, and I know a lot of other kids do too, so I put it on the list for him.

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Cell shaded beauty

Borderlands: Handsome Collection

Borderlands is an iconic game, and the Handsome Collection takes all of the best bits and gives you even more. With Borderlands 3 on its way, it’s worth revisiting this classic shooter.

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Which is your favorite game you’ve played on PlayStation Now?

There are a lot of fantastic games available on PlayStation Now, of course — this list is nothing but good games — but I still think The Last of Us is the best game available. Everything about the game draws you in and makes you want to play it as much as possible.

Games like Monkey Island 2and Alex Kidd fulfill my need for nostalgia while the big-budget shooters like Bioshock and Borderland are great distractions from the world. If multiplayer is more your speed then having Rocket League on PlayStation Now is huge. It’s extremely fun and is one of the only true cross-play games available in the world.

Why stop at PlayStation Now?

There’s plenty of gear to enhance your gaming experience that you should look into! Whether you want more memory for all those amazing games or a way to be more portable, we have your back!

ASTRO Gaming A10 Headset

$60 at Amazon

ASTRO’s entry-level wired headset is one of its most compelling. Made from “damage resistant polycarbonate,” the A10 should be able to take a beating in your gaming bag. You’re not getting much in the way of fancy features, but you do get a reliable, well-made, great-sounding headset with an inline volume remote, so you never need to take your eye off the game.

Avolusion 1TB USB 3.0 Portable External PS4 Hard Drive

$48 at Amazon

This external hard drive is compatible with the PlayStation 4, connects via a 3.0 USB port, and has 1TB of memory. It comes with a two-year warranty, so you’re covered in case there are any issues.

Nyko Smart Clip

$14 at Amazon

Nyko’s smart clip attaches easily to your phone without getting in the way of your lightbar, buttons, or the touchpad. It also avoids all of the ports on your DualShock 4 controller so that you can easily plug in to charge without any hassle.

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