Get a call from the Social Security Administration? It’s the latest government imposter scam

X Scalper

Con artists tell lies — it’s how they make a living.

Calling people and pretending to be with a government agency — IRS, Social Security, ICE, DEA, or the local sheriff’s department — is a ruse that’s been lucrative for years. But these imposter scams have now hit an all-time high.

Here are a few of the lies these government imposters are telling. In each case, the goal is to steal your money and/or personal information:

  • We’re calling from the Social Security Administration because your account has been frozen or compromised.
  • This is the IRS calling and you owe us back taxes and are about to be sued or immediately arrested.
  • I’m with the FBI or your local police department and an arrest warrant has been issued because you failed to appear in court for jury duty.

“These people sound very convincing,” said Monica Vaca at the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). “Their job is to make you feel fear, to make you feel panicked.”

Complaints about government imposter scams are skyrocketing, reaching a record high in May, according to a new FTC report:

  • Since 2014, consumers have complained about imposter scams far more than any other type of fraud. Reported losses in the last five years total more than $450 million dollars.
  • So far this year, the FTC has received more than 200,000 complaints from people who were contacted by someone falsely claiming to be from the Social Security Administration, Internal Revenue Service or another government entity.
  • In May alone, a record 46,600 complaints were filed.

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