Brita tap water filter system is on sale for 55% off at Amazon

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One Brita faucet filter provides up to 100 gallons of filtered tap water, so you can get your H2O in and feel good about it.

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TL;DR: Get the convenient, eco-friendly Brita on-tap faucet filtration system for $19.88. It’s normally $44.56, so you’ll be saving $24.68. 

In case you haven’t realized, our planet’s been going through some shit. 

But based on the that just hit most of the United States, the existence of an entire , and of course, the circulation of that   with a straw up its nose, you’re probably aware. 

While your local coffee shop might have switched out plastic straws for reusable ones, there’s still a lot more you can do to minimize plastic waste and try to make up for the plastic consumption that’s . For example, invest in a water filter and ditch the store bought plastic water bottles once and for all. 

And since Amazon has the Brita on-tap faucet filtration system priced at $19.88 — a savings of 55% off its usual price tag — there’s no time like the present to make the switch to sustainability.

The easy-to-install filter attaches to all standard faucets without the need of any tools to instantly filter out 99% of lead, chlorine, and other contaminants found in tap water, so you’ll have clean, great-tasting H2O at the ready. The BPA-free filter comes with a built-in filter reminder to keep you posted on when it should be replaced for optimum performance. 

Head to Amazon and get the Brita on-tap filtration system for $19.88, save 55%, and replace up to 750 standard plastic water bottles with by the time you’re through one filter. 

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