Bethesda needs to update their Creation Engine

X Scalper

IamTylerDurden16h ago(Edited 6h ago)

This engine was old during Oblivion, during Skyrim it was archaic, but the fact that they are still creating games with it is a joke. The problem, however, is two fold. First, their rpgs are extremely large and open encompassing many unique systems. The engine needs to be very specific and probably built in-house. Second, they haven’t had a reason to dramatically overhaul the engine or create a new engine entirely. FO76 is the first game in God know’s how long that hasn’t exceeded sales expectations and creating a new engine after 76 would’ve severely delayed development on ES6. Basically, people continue to buy Fallout and TES games and have given Bethesda little incentive to change. Likewise, critics continue to shower these games with sparkling reviews and GotY awards. FO76 is the first stand in the fight against Creation. I know games like HZD, FFXV, and Witcher 3 aren’t as systems driven or as technically deep as the Fallouts and Skyrims but they show us that you can have a visually stunning open world rpg and on a technical side they put Bethesda to shame.

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