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Gone are the days when you needed a secretary to handle dictations. While the old method certainly has its benefits, many of us will do just fine with an audio to text converter on our smartphones. We have curated a list with the best audio to text converters for Android, so stick around to see if one of these can earn a spot in your device. 

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Price: Free

Of course, we can’t leave Google’s very own keyboard out of this list. You might not even need to install any additional software on your phone. Many Android devices already have the Google Keyboard, and those who don’t can also download Gboard from the Google Play Store. 

Though primarily designed for physical input, Gboard supports speech to text transcription. It works very well, as it is powered by Google and all its magical components. It also supports a plethora of languages, and can be downloaded for offline use and faster voice typing. It’s also free and it might be more than enough for your needs. This is definitely one of the best audio to text converters for Android.


Price: Free / $7.99 per month for Premium / $149.99 per year for Business

Here’s another app you may already use. Evernote is one of the most popular note-taking apps around, and it does support speech to text conversions. This app will come with plenty of other features and possibilities for avid note-takers, too. You can’t go wrong with Evernote! 



Price: Free / $9.99

The Speechnotes team claims this is a free alternative to the most expensive audio to text converter alternatives on the market. It is powered by Google’s speech recognition services and claims to take on any task, including dictations lasting hours. The app is very accurate and can even be edited during dictation. 

Speechnotes is free to download and use, but the unpaid version comes with ads. You will have to pay extra to get rid of them. 


Price: Free

Speechtexter is more reliant on an internet connection, but it is also powered by Google and works wonderfully when all is in order. What makes it special is its custom dictionary, which allows you to use unique phone numbers, addresses, and more. Speechtexter is ad-supported, but this makes it free to use. 

Otter Voice Meeting Notes

Price: Free / $8.33 per month

Otter Voice Meeting Notes will prove to be more helpful to professionals. It can both transcribe voice notes live or from previously-recorded audio files. In addition, you get advanced features like team collaboration, unlimited cloud storage, web app access, AI, calendar syncing, and much more. 

The free version will get you 600 minutes of transcription a month, but you can get 6,000 minutes of transcription if you upgrade. Otter Premium costs $8.33 a month (billed annually). 

Dragon Anywhere

Price: $14.99 a month / $149.99 a year

Nuance creates some of the most powerful voice dictation tools for professionals, and they are as expensive as you would think. Unsurprisingly, this app has made our list of the best audio to text converters. Access to the company’s mobile Dragon Anywhere app costs $14.99 a month or 149.99 a year, but professionals will pay that for worthy software, and you get a free week trial to test it out. 

Because it is a business-focused app, it uses enterprise-grade encryption. Features include 99% accuracy, no time limits, a custom dictionary, voice formatting, and synchronization with Nuance’s desktop software. 

We hope one of these apps meets your needs and gets you dictating in no time! Which is your favorite audio to text converter for Android? 

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