Avalanche of social media reactions over priests’ letter to Trump

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Tuesday’s letter from three Washington National Cathedral priests in response to President Donald Trump has itself set off social media reaction.

Tuesday’s letter from three Washington National Cathedral priests — which called out President Donald Trump for his “violent dehumanizing words” about Baltimore — has itself set off an avalanche of dual reaction on social media.

“We have come to accept a level of insult and abuse in political discourse that violates each person’s sacred identity as a child of God,” reads one sentence from that letter by the Right Rev. Mariann Edgar Budde, the Very Rev. Randolph Marshall Hollerith and the Rev. Canon Kelly Brown Douglas.

There was evidence supporting that point in the reactions to WTOP’s story earlier Wednesday, where about 250 have weighed in on Facebook.

“Most residents of Baltimore are definitely violent and dehumanizing to each other,” wrote Whitney Woodruff.

“God doesn’t exist. The National Cathedral is a National Shame. It is a monument to Americans’ superstition, unscientific ideas, and ignorance,” wrote Scott Maddox.

“The truth hurts, and for the left, it’s all about hating President Donald J. Trump. #TRUMP2020,” wrote Tim Austin.

On the other side  …

“You realize that dehumanizing a subset of the population is a Nazi tactic, yes?” wrote Beth Loya, in response to Woodruff.

“When have you ever seen this sort of response from the National Cathedral? That should tell you something. This behavior is not normal and not acceptable from a president,” wrote Brian Kaider.

“If the president has a problem with Baltimore, maybe he should make good on his campaign promises and help with infrastructure, health care and jobs there,” wrote Kathleen Summers.

As of 2 p.m., a total of over 1,200 comments had accumulated underneath the cathedral’s post on its Facebook page. Again, a similar mix.

“To the folks making this political: The WNC lent considerable assets to the Trump inauguration, including the Cathedral Choir, when others refused to participate. They gave the benefit of the doubt to him — over the strident objections of some people, including myself. This is about basic decency. Something that has been extended to this man, and that has not been returned,” wrote Randall Stewart.

“You fool…. you simple-minded fool…,” replied Michael Rushchak.

Others were at odds over the situation’s religious angle.

“I used to have great respect for all aspects of the Cathedral but over these last several years, my respect has lessened. I am definitely a staunch conservative and a Trump supporter, but my change of heart really has nothing to do with either of those issues. All I know is that the Cathedral and the NCS I knew are gone. I guess what really bothers me is the fact that the Washington Cathedral has gotten into politics, which I find distasteful,” wrote Betsy Round Riedel.

Kristi Evans disagreed: “It may seem trite, but ‘What would Jesus do’ is still a great guide and exactly your response! I am so thankful to be a member of the Episcopal Church, a church that recognizes and embraces the rights of all!”

“Trump is the most Christian president we have had in 50 years,” Brian Pryor wrote. “Dozens of pastors JUST held a press conference affirming as much. Stop the hate cloaked as religion.”

“I couldn’t get past the first sentence. He is not acting in a Christian manner. His tweets are hurtful, crass and certainly in poor taste for a leader and especially for someone who claims to be a Christian,” replied Pat Hudson.

And, over on Twitter …

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