A Philips Hue starter kit (with white & color bulbs) for $110? SÍ, DA, JA, YES!

X Scalper

Welcome to CHEAP, our series about things that are good, but most of all, cheap. CHEAP!

Using your voice to control things was once the preserve of campy science fiction, but now? It’s a goddamn reality. Can you tell I’m hyped? Good, because I am.

One of the best elements of smart homes is lighting. And (arguably) the best (and most popular) of those smart lights? The Philips Hue series. AND WOULD YOU LOOK AT THAT, THERE’S A JUICY DEAL ON A PHILIPS HUE STARTER KIT RIGHT HERE!

Yup, you can get the aforementioned Philips Hue Starter Kit (which consists of three Hue bulbs, a Hue bridge, and a Hue dimmer switch) for only $110. Normally, this retails for $189.99, making this a tasty 42 percent discount.