Nissan hires former Ford design executive David Woodhouse

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On June 8, Automotive News reported Woodhouse had left Ford, where he was corporate director of global strategic design and director of design at Lincoln. A Lincoln spokeswoman said at the time Woodhouse had “elected to leave the company” but gave no details.

In a Facebook post June 7, Woodhouse said leaving Ford was a “difficult decision,” especially considering his personal investment in Lincoln.

“Ending a long-standing relationship with a corporation is just like ending a personal relationship multiplied by the number of wonderful friends and colleagues,” he wrote.

At Lincoln, Woodhouse helped develop styling centered around a philosophy the company labels “quiet flight.”

Woodhouse previously was chief designer in Ford’s strategic design studios in London and California and was part of the team behind the Lincoln C Concept at the 2009 Detroit auto show.

The Ford Shelby GR1, Ford Airstream, Ford Reflex, Lincoln Continental Concept, Lincoln Mk9 Coupe and Lincoln Aviator Concept are among the key vehicles Woodhouse had a hand in styling.

According to his LinkedIn profile, Woodhouse was an assistant chief designer with Cadillac in Europe for less than a year starting in late 1998, where he helped craft the Cadillac Imaj concept.

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