Justice for the Pearl dog goes viral on social media in Qatar

X Scalper

A post of a dead dog at The Pearl, Qatar has gone viral on social media since last night.

According to the post, a dog was reported to the tower management being left in the balcony barking and crying for 3 days in the heat. This dog was found dead on the ground sadly and many community members assume this dog jumped off himself as he could not handle the heat.

A petition named “Justice for the Pearl Qatar Dog” has been created on AVAAZ.org by community members and many animal welfare organizations are encouraging people to participate.

We have no information or message from the owner’s side and once we do, we will share with you.

Abuse and cruelty towards animals are considered illegal in Qatar. If anyone does see any form of animal abuse or cruelty you can report it on this number 00974 234 0888.

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