Fortnite 14 Days Of Summer Challenges: Dance At Beach Parties And More

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Fortnite‘s first 9.30 content update is now live, kicking off the game’s 14 Days of Summer event. For the next two weeks, Epic will be rolling out a new limited-time mode and unvaulting an old weapon for 24 hours each day. That’s not all; the game will also offer a new daily challenge to complete, which will net you an exclusive new reward.

The first 14 Days of Summer challenge is live, and it involves dancing at six beach parties. You’ll need to boogie down at six of these beachside shindigs in total to complete the challenge, and they need to be different ones each time; you can’t simply return to the same location over and over. Fortunately, the beach parties are fairly easy to spot; the areas will be decked out with beach chairs, balloons, and other party favors. You can see where these beach parties are located in the video above.

The reward for completing the first 14 Days of Summer challenge is the new Deep End dance emote, which has you doing Fortnite’s take on the famous “C’mon and Swim” dance. We’ll continue to update this list as more challenges go live, so be sure to check back regularly for more guides as the 14 Days of Summer event progresses.

Despite the event’s name, you’ll actually have 21 days to complete the 14 Days of Summer challenges, giving you plenty of time to finish everything. If you do manage to complete all 14 challenges before the event ends, you’ll unlock a special smoothie back bling for your troubles. You can find the full list of all the available challenges thus far below.

As previously mentioned, challenges aren’t the only thing you have to look forward to in the 14 Days of Summer event. Epic is also featuring a new LTM each day; the first, dubbed Splashdown, has you trying to eliminate other players using water balloons. There will also be new outfits and other items for purchase from Fortnite’s in-game shop. You can read more details about the event on the official Fortnite website.

Fortnite 14 Days Of Summer Challenges

  • Dance at different Beach Parties (6) — Deep End emote

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