The 3DS is Dead, Long Live the Portable Nintendo Switch

X Scalper

Gamers have felt the tide change these past few months as 3DS sales dried up and Nintendo simply stopped announcing games for the system. Nintendo Directs became entirely focused on Switch. The last big 3DS game, the Kirby’s Epic Yarn remake, conveniently came at the end of the fiscal year. And now based on comments at a recent investors briefing, the 3DS firmly seems like a thing of the past, much to the relief of many.

The good news is that for a company as conservative as Nintendo to make this risky transition they must believe the Switch is fully ready to step up. And they’re right. The Switch is massively popular. It’s built up a great game library even while having to share software with its weaker sibling. And with big new consoles versions of Mario and Zelda out of the way, the rest of the Switch’s 2019 seems poised to fill that 3DS-shaped handheld hole in your life.

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