Social media photos show roach infestation at Clarkstown HS Nort

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Parents in New City learned about an apparent insect infestation at their children’s school Tuesday.

Photos posted on social media show dead roaches on the floor of Clarkstown High School North.

The photos sparked outrage, with several people saying the school has had a problem with the insects for years.

“I’m a junior at North now and for the three years I’ve been there I’ve seen them,” says GraceAnne Pawel. “Everyone is so freaked out as freshman, but once we hit junior year we’re so used to it we aren’t phased when we see them.”

An email sent out to parents says the district is aware of the issue and that the bugs likely got into an athletic storage room through an unused floor drain and died as a result of the district’s pest management program.

Officials say the drain has also been sealed to prevent anymore insects from entering the room.

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