Days Gone Update 1.09 Released To Address Some Bugs

X Scalper

P_Bomb12h ago(Edited 12h ago)

I just deleted 13 auto saves, freed up ‘round 80mb. Haven’t tried it post patch yet. 12.8GB, bit of a whopper. All in, total game size still sits at 60.19GB on my HDD.

I’m on the OG4 and have mostly been bug and glitch free all things considered. I’ve seen bugs on streams so I know it can happen and what to look for, but I’ve been gold. Only notable one happened yesterday. A mission near the end of the Crater Lake saga I had to restart. ‘What it takes to survive’ I think it was called? The reacher/horde cave I had to go into was sealed by a graphical mudslide post cut scene. Fortunately a game reset cleared it up.

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