We grew weed in our office with this ~high~ tech smart garden

X Scalper

If you want to find out how our weed experiment went, watch the video above. It tracks the entire journey from start to finish – and you’re gonna want to see how it ends.

The video above is pretty much all about weed. The article, less so. It looks more at the Smart Garden 9 hardware itself, but is just as fun. I promise.

Cool! So, uh, what is it?

As the name suggests, it’s a smart garden.

But what actually is that?

Basically, it’s a device that lets you grow plants while doing (almost) nothing. Click and Grow – the company behind the Smart Garden 9 – sells pre-seeded pods that you slot in the machine and then… they sprout and a plant shoots up.

Sounds easy!

It is. Once the pre-seeded pods are in the machine, you fill up its water tank, and plug it in. At first, you put some plastic lids over the pods to help the seeds germinate and the plants themselves to grow, but these come off within the first week or so.