New Toyota campaign focuses on 2020 Corolla

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Toyota also uses the campaign to debut the U.S. market’s first-ever Corolla Hybrid. That spot, titled “Train,” portrays a light-hearted pursuit, backed by music from Ricky Nelson. The spot shows how the hybrid’s high fuel economy performance can take drivers farther than ever, to the point of chasing a loved one because you’re not a fan of goodbyes.

Multicultural spots
A Spanish-language spot titled “We” appeals to a diverse crew of muses, encouraging them to leave their mark wherever they go. English subtitles explain that drivers of the 2020 Corolla are “confident” and “expressive,” and challenges them to stay authentic.

Korean-Canadian Beat Boxer KRNFX, in a spot titled “Sound Off,” encourages drivers to show off their skills instead of being modest. KRNFX parks his Corolla on a nightclub floor to perform for the crowd.

The campaign will have integrated media partnerships with the Billboard Latin Music Awards, Hola Mexico Film Festival, MTV Music Awards, ComplexCon, ComicCon, KCON and Gaana Music Festival.

Unconventional placement
The campaign’s spots will air on NBC, CBS, FOX, ABC, BET, Telemundo and during the NBA draft. Interactive video units will also be featured on Hulu, Freeform and YuMe. Print media includes Conde Nast properties, as well as People en Español. Digital content includes Eater, CBS This Morning, Hulu, Vevo, Hulu Latino and Fusion Media Group. Spots will air within select movie titles in theaters nationwide in conjunction with CineMedia.

The spots, which started Monday, will rotate among digital and broadcast placements. These spots and more from the campaign are on Toyota’s YouTube channel.

Outperforming the segments
Corolla’s U.S. sales during the first quarter gained 1 percent to 78,608. The overall segment fell 15 percent, according to the Automotive News Data Center.

Toyota Motor North America sales fell 3.5 percent in March, despite a large jump from Lexus on the introduction of its UX compact crossover, as Toyota’s sedan-heavy lineup declined. The Toyota division posted March sales of 185,698 units, down 5.1 percent on a volume basis. The Toyota division’s sales also fell 6.1 percent for the quarter, according to the Automotive News Data Center.

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