November 17, 2019

Keep an eye on your little ones with the Arlo Baby Monitor for $145 ($55 off)

X Scalper

If you’re going to have a smart baby monitor, it ought to be from a reputable brand. Arlo is as big a name as they come in the connected camera space, and its adorable baby monitor has fallen all the way to $145 on Amazon, $55 off its MSRP.

Arlo Baby captures 1080p video you can view live from your phone, and has sensors for temperature, humidity, and air quality, so you can make sure your baby is comfortable. It’s also got night vision, and can alert you to any unexpected movement it detects. Plus it looks like a rabbit, so that’s pretty cute.

The camera had been holding steady at its $199.99 MSRP until the beginning of this year; it’s been fluctuating since. The drop in price has been particularly precipitous this month, and today, it hit a new low of $145, a full $55 below what it once was. Hit the link below to grab one for your nursery.

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