Google is making it easier than ever to get cricket updates via Google Assistant

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The IPL season is in full swing in India, and Google is introducing new capabilities to Google Assistant to make it easier for fans to follow all the action. You’ll be able to get a summary of the day’s matches by asking Assistant on your phone or Google Home to “Play news from ESPNcricinfo.”

You’ll get updates not only on IPL matches but also all the cricketing action taking place globally. Here’s a quick list of queries you can ask Assistant on your Google Home:

Google has also teamed up with ESPNcricinfo over a Smart Update feature that provides a 3 – 5 minute video review of all the action from IPL, as well as a preview of the next day’s games. Finally, you’ll be able to add cricket updates as part of your daily routines to automatically get updates of upcoming matches and events.

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