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Côte St. Luc will adopt its official policy regarding social media at the May 13 council meeting, Councillor Mike Cohen announced at the April city council meeting.

Some concerns have been brought up about the city’s CSL Ideas Facebook page. Discussions on the page get rather barbed at times. depending on the subject. Resident Marissa Sidel characterized the situation earlier this year as having “devolved into chaos.”

“Council is now reviewing the first draft of the policy, and it will establish and outline the principles of use for the city staff when engaging and posting on the city’s social media accounts, or microblogging accounts,” Cohen explained. “A large part of the policy will be on the rules that govern the CSL Ideas discussion forum on Facebook and other online locations.

“We think we’re going to move in a very good direction.”


Côte St. Luc council also formalized an anti-bedbug policy.

“We’ve had a procedure in our library to check books as they come in,” Councillor David Tordjman explained. “There’s a problem in libraries across the country regarding bedbugs, getting transmitted through the books. We’ve always been checking them.

“Now we have a strict policy, and they have sniffer dogs that come in. We checked the whole library, and luckily we found no bedbugs anywhere. They’re being careful as the books come back, so we’ll continue this, and we’re just formalizing the policy we have to ensure our books and residents are safe.”


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