The best cheap MacBook sale prices and deals in March 2019

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If you’re looking for the best cheap MacBook sale prices, you’ve come to the right place, as we’ve just updated our guide with the latest models. The decision of whether or not you should pick up a new MacBook is an easy one: does it play to your strengths? Maybe you need the lightest and most portable macOS machine out there today, one with good battery life. Or, maybe you just don’t like Windows? Whatever your reason, there are plenty of deals out there to help you save on a MacBook deal.

Our exclusive price comparison tool will check the price of every readily available model of MacBook on all major retail websites, so you can be sure you’re always getting the best MacBook deal. We’ve stopped comparing MacBook prices on some older models if they’re not widely available or if they generally cost more than newer versions despite the dated tech inside. All you need to do now is work out whether it’s a MacBook, a MacBook Pro or a MacBook Air that you want. We’ll help though.

If you’re not quite set on a MacBook (they are rather pricey), then we have some alternative options for you, along with the best prices. Take a look at our selection of best laptops for other top performing machines or our cheap laptop deals for solid buys that won’t break the bank as we search for great prices all year round. If the freshest MacBook prices are what you’re after though, you’ll find them all below.

MacBook deals

The cheapest Macbook (2017) prices

The Kaby Lake upgrade you’ve been waiting for?

Apple didn’t release a standard MacBook in 2018, instead focusing on the Air and Pro lines instead. So this is the newest regular MacBook you can buy. The screen and compact dimensions on the 2017 MacBook are the same as the 2016 edition. But if you’re weighing up the actual differences between the two MacBooks, we’ve gone into greater detail further down this page when we discuss each model. The main improvement though with the latest versions are the inclusion of the 7th-gen Kaby Lake processors in either i5 or i7 configurations. 2015 MacBook owners are the most likely to notice and appreciate the improvements really. Stock of the 2016 version is increasingly difficult to find nowadays too.

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