Overwatch’s community can’t keep the promise of its queer-friendly lore

X Scalper

“Overwatch’s story deals with the hope that heroes give to a world that’s been without them for far too long. Without real, concrete, and shameless representation, Blizzard can’t deliver upon that for its queer players. The spray isn’t going to cut it, especially when so many players have decided that having to see it at all is intolerable. Blizzard got me into Overwatch through Soldier: 76, but if the developer isn’t brave enough to let the character be who he is in the game itself, it’s passively allowing an environment that makes me a target if I try to be myself as well. Players need to feel safe if Blizzard wants Overwatch to be welcoming to everyone, but before that happens the inclusion in the lore feels more like a trap than an honest invitation.” Polygon says.

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