Why Are Gamers Mad About a Real Competitor to Steam?

X Scalper

SegaGamer8h ago

If Epic want to be competitive, then that is fine, I have no problem with that and have always said that. What I don’t like is them buying out people to have their game exclusive on their store. All this says to me is “Download and sign up to our store or you can’t play the game”.

I also don’t like that devs use Steam for user feedback and beta testing and then pull the game from Steam just before they are about to release the game. That is a really crappy move.

About the launcher. When people say they don’t want to download yet another one, they have valid reasons for not wanting to do that. We keep saying competition is good, but when you have a market over saturated, it becomes annoying and very frustrating. Look at it from this point of view. We have Steam, Uplay, Origin, Discord, GOG, Epic and a few others. That is multiple accounts and passwords to remember and your bank, credit card or paypal details that you need to trust these people with. It’s gotten to the point where people are saying “how many is enough?” and they have a good point. In 5 years time are we going to have to sign up to 20 different companies just to play games? 20 different accounts to remember, 20 different passwords to remember, 20 different places to store our payment details on (and that means a higher chance of having your payment details stolen) 20 different places for your games, friends and achievements. So yeah, it’s not that we just don’t want to download another launcher because we see it as bloatware, it’s an issue, but it’s a minor one amongst all of the other concerns we have.

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