Fake News Floods Social Media In The Aftermath Of Pulwama

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Social media platforms have been inundated with a barrage of misinformation as emotions ran high following the devastating attack on a Central Police Reserve Force (CRPF) convoy that claimed the lives of 40 jawans at Pulwama in Jammu & Kashmir on February 14, 2019.

BOOM tracked down multiple misleading and dangerous social media posts, falsely claiming to provide information on the Pulwama attack

1. Old video of explosion in Iraq shared as footage of Pulwama attack

An old unverified video of massive explosion has been widely shared as a footage of the Pulwama attack.

Using a reverse image search of several frames of the video, we found that it was posted by multiple users on Youtube, as early as 2007. While we could not officially verify where it was taken, the caption in some of the videos explained that it was in Iraq.

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2. Video of a car bombing in Syria shared as footage of Pulwama attack

A video from a car bomb explosion at a checkpoint near the Turkish-Syrian border was shared as CCTV footage of the Pulwama attack.

By running a few frames of the video through a reverse image search on Google, we found that it was originally posted on February 12, days before the Pulwama attack.

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3. Video of mock security drill at Mumbai shared as footage of a foiled terror attempt

A footage of a mock security drill conducted by local police, Riot Control Police (RCP) and Quick Response Team (QRT) on February 14 in the Virar locality of Mumbai, was shared as a footage of a foiled terror attempt.

While the misleading caption of the video did not make any reference to the Pulwama attack, the fact that it occurred on the same day added to the panic and confusion.

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4. Old image of a helicopter crash victim falsely linked to Pulwama attack

A gruesome photo of a charred body surrounded by military personnel from a helicopter crash in Tawang in 2017 was shared as a photo of the Pulwama attack site.

An archived version of the post can be found here.

Screenshot of the photo

The photo was shared with the caption: “Yet again today, a mother’s heart has wailed. Yet again today, a lover has lost her beloved” (translated from Hindi).

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5. Doctored video of Priyanka Gandhi Vadra claims that she is laughing at a press conference after Pulwama attack

A doctored video of Priyanka Gandhi Vadra’s press conference following the Pulwama attack was shared with the claim that she was laughing as she addressed the crowd about the tragic incident.

BOOM watched the original footage of the press conference and found no instances of laughter during the press conference. Instead, Gandhi Vadra expresses her condolences and gave out a word of support to the families of the victims.

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6. Doctored image of Rahul Gandhi standing next to Pulwama car bomber Adil Ahmed Dar

A doctored image of Rahul Gandhi standing next to Pulwama car bomber Adil Ahmed Dar was shared with the claim that Dar is a close aide of Gandhi.

Screenshot of the misleading Facebook post

Through a reverse image search, we found that the photo is from a 2014 Lok Sabha campaign in Uttar Pradesh.

The original photo revealed very clearly that the man standing next to Gandhi was not Dar.

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7. Old flogging video being shared as Indian army beating one of the terrorists responsible for the Pulwama attack

An old graphic video of a man being flogged by Pakistani army personnel is being shared on WhatsApp with the caption that the Indian army has caught one of the terrorists responsible for the Pulwama attack.

BOOM has done a fact check on this video last year, when it was shared with the claim that Indian soldiers are torturing a Kashmiri.

8. Old encounter video being shared as footage of army retaliation for Pulwama attack

An old video from 2018 showing a military encounter in Kashmir is being shared as the Indian army retaliating to the Pulwama attack.

Using reverse image search, we were able to find a similar photo posted in December 2018 in a tweet, showing the aftermath of an 18 hour gunfight between militants and armed forces in Bandipore district of Jammu & Kashmir.

A quick Google search of the names provided in the tweet directed us to the original video, posted on Facebook on December 13, 2018.

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