Algoma Steel, truck convoy denounce social media posts by Sault crane company owner

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Algoma Steel Inc. has issued a strongly worded denunciation of controversial social media posts written by one of its contractors, Dave Selvers of Sault-based Millennium Crane Rentals.

“This has just come to our attention,” the steel mill said in a tweet posted tonight.

“Mr. Selver’s stated views are in direct conflict with our company’s core values. We are committed to creating and maintaining an environment free from violence, discrimination or harassment of any kind. This extends to our business partners.”

Algoma Steel’s statement was a reply to a question from Saultite Lucas Schmiedendorf.

Schmiedendorf also wrote today to Mayor Christian Provenzano, demanding that the city cease doing business with Millennium Crane Rentals.

“I am writing to verify that going forward, the city will commit to using other available companies such as Sterling or an out-of-town company instead of using taxpayer monies on Mr. Selvers’ company,” he wrote.

On Sunday, the Canadian Anti-Hate Network published an article about Selvers’ blog and Facebook posts, which crudely attack liberal politicians, women, blacks, Muslims, media outlets (including SooToday) and LGBTQ+ persons, using terms like “nigger” and “filthy piss drinking Muslim swine.”

He has repeatedly implied that liberal politicians including Prime Minister Justin Trudeau should be executed.

Selvers, a local Yellow Vest organizer, is currently blocked from his Facebook page, the latest in a series of timeouts imposed by the social media company.

Millennium Crane Rentals was prominently represented over the weekend when the United We Roll truck convoy came through the Sault.

But United We Roll organizers were quick to distance themselves from Selvers.

The 200-vehicle pro-pipeline convoy describes itself as a peaceful and respectful attempt to create awareness for the oil and gas industry.

“I want to put it out there that hate groups and rebellion groups are not welcome,” United We Roll organizer Jason Corbeil said in a Facebook post.

“This rebellion group in Sault Ste. Marie led by David Selvers has absolutely nothing to do with this movement,” Corbeil said.

“There are some yellow vests that support and are welcome from the Sault, but there always has [to] be bad apples somewhere.”

Approached by SooToday for comment, Selvers said: “I’d rather not talk to you. I have no faith in the media any more. This is all blown out of proportion and nobody knows what’s going on. Okay, so talk to you later.”

In December, the steel mill partnered with Selvers’ company to bring back the Algoma Christmas star, originally built in the 1980s by members of Algoma’s Central Trades group.

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