Xbox Losing The Console War Looks Like The Best Thing That’s Happened To Gaming In Years

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Everytime someone mentions the recent studio acquisitions there is always a quick mention that it isn’t coming soon. Of course, it’s not, these studios are there for the long run and will deliver games for next then and beyond.

To break things down let’s predict how the release will pan out. Let’s make a note of the studios first

The Initiative- New game in 2-3 yrs with a possible reveal in 2 yrs(2020 or 2021)
Compulsion game- New game in 2-3yrs (2020 or 2021)
Inxile- Already have Wasteland 3 schedule for 2019 and have wasteland 1 remake(2020 and an unannounced new game in works.(2021 or 2022)
Obsidian entertainment- The Outer Worlds will be out in 2019 and their new game should be for another 2 yrs in 2021
Undead Labs- State of decay 3 is already in the making and should take 2-3 yrs.(2020 or 2021)
Ninja theory- Already planned to reveal next year possible scheduled for 2020 or even 2019 considering they would have been in development for 3yrs since Hellblade.
Playground games- Already hard at work on open world game since they have 2 teams of 200 people. Possibly reveal in 2019 and release for 2020

343i: Halo infinite is definitely releasing in 2020 possible alongside the new Xbox similar to how the original Xbox was released with Halo.
The Coalition: Already have Gears 5 and tactics scheduled for 2019 and their next project should be for 2022 going by their 3 yr dev cycle.
Turn 10: Forza Motorsport 8 2019
Rare: Having released SOT in 2018 they will continue to support it for the Year or two and then announce their new game scheduled for 2020 or 2021

Release timeline:

2019- Crackdown 3, Ori and the will of the wisp, Gears 5, Gears Tactics, Battletoads, Wasteland 3(Not exclusive and The Outer worlds(not exclusive)
2020- Most likely year for the new Xbox and alongside it: Halo infinite, Ninja theory’s game and Wasteland 1 remake and Forza Horizon 5
2021- Obsidian’s new game, Forza Motorsport 9, Compulsion’s new game, Playground’s new game and The Initiative’s new game.
2022- Rare’s new game, Undead labs, Gears 6, Inxile’s new game, Ori devs and Forza Horizon 6.

These are the possible schedule of release for the next coming year. Note that there is no mention of third-party exclusives, which will without a doubt bolster the Xbox exclusive lineup.

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