UPDATE: Durban Metro Police slams social media sharing of footage showing Amanzimtoti officer’s death

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While the death of Winklespruit resident and Metro Police’s Inspector Johan Deysel on Arbour Road on Friday night, 11 January has elicited frenzied commentary on social media, Metro Police has called for online users to refrain from sharing the CCTV footage of his death.

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Deysel died after he was struck by a taxi in Arbour Road, while he performed traffic enforcement duties. Insp Deysel had tried to enforce a stop street in Arbour Road, opposite Galleria Mall at about 7.30pm, when he was struck by the taxi.

Metro Police’s Supt Glen Ndlovu told the media the enforcement operation was as a result of an ongoing complaint from a local councillor. The councillor cited complaints from motorists who had narrowly escaped being knocked by errant motorists who completely disregarded the stop signs outside Galleria Mall.

“Durban Metro Police advises people to refrain from making negative commentary on social media platforms, based on the video that has gone viral on these networks. The video footage starts at the juncture where the member steps over to stop the taxi. It does not show the clearly marked stop street that the taxi driver had just blatantly disregarded. ”

Referencing the CCTV footage further, Supt Ndlovu said the area is well lit and the blue and white police vehicle is clearly visible under the bright street lighting. “The inspector flashes the light quite a few times for the driver to stop and be prosecuted, as per the white sedan with hazard lights on, which complied with the police’s instruction and stopped, in similar circumstances.

The 22-year-old taxi driver was arrested and will face charges of reckless and negligent driving, culpable homicide, attempted murder, and attempting to flee the scene of an accident.

Supt Ndlovu expressed the Durban Metro Police’s heart-felt condolences to Deysel’s bereaved wife on the loss of its long-serving member. Deysel had been a police officer for some 35 years.


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