Sony’s made a bluetooth turntable for burgeoning vinyl nerds

X Scalper

Vinyl is back and shows no signs of abating. Hell, according to a report from Buzzangle, vinyl sales in the US rose almost 12 percent between 2017 and 2018. This meant the format accounted for close to 14 percent of all physical music sales in America. Well done, vinyl, well done.

And, of course, once there’s a public interest in something, technology companies will be there to drag it into the future. And make some money from it.

Say hello then to Sony‘s PS-LX310BT; a bluetooth-enabled turntable.

This product – which was announced at CES – has really got me in two minds. On one hand, I’m appalled. A big part of the vinyl resurgence is about connecting with music in an analogue, traditional way. Its old school nature is part of its inherent charm.

On the other, who gives a fuck? If people want to listen to vinyl via bluetooth, let them.

First off, the good. From everything we can see at this stage, the PS-LX310BT appears to be a solid piece of kit – especially for its £200 retail price.

The inclusion of an aluminium die-cast platter and a “newly designed tonearm” means the turntable won’t destroy your vinyl like so many cheap units do. On top of this, the PS-LX310BT has both a phono output (so you can plug it into a dedicated pre-amp), and a line-out for sound systems that don’t have this functionality. Pretty flexible stuff.

There’s also a nifty feature Sony refers to as, uh, “easy bluetooth connectivity.” Basically, you can press a single button and the the turntable will automatically connect to the last used bluetooth device and begin playing music.