Police alert public about suspects making threats using info from social media

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Malden Police say they’ve recently seen an increase in different types of fraud-related reports, including a report described as “gang members” trying to elicit money from people by threatening them.

Police say the report said the “gang members” were using people’s personal information to threaten them, making them believe the scammers “know where you and your family reside.”

Malden Police say the suspects are trying to get money by using information they get from social media sites, like Facebook and Twitter, and chat apps like MeetMe and WhatsApp.

They sa the information is gathered when the suspects pretend to be a friend of the opposite sex, and police say these incidents are happening in other cities, as well, and is also happening in the Bsoton area. 

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In the new scam, police say the suspects get someone’s phone number and threaten to “kill or harm you and/or your family members” if money isn’t sent to them.

Police say the suspects are extremely aggressive and threatening, and may send pictures of what looks like dismembered bodies to make themselves seem more serious.

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