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That’s the message we’re hearing from King’s Lynn police.

It’s after two videos showing assaults in the town went viral on Facebook.




The two attacks in our town have led to several teenagers being arrested who cannot be named for legal reasons.

KLFM spoke to Chief Inspector Amie Abbs who explained that whilst social media can assist the police in terms of identifying suspects, it can also cause issues further down the line:

“My advice would be in fact if you can identify somebody on a video that’s been posted to social media, contact the police in the first instance and direct us towards that video and we can continue an investigation from there.”



Police have a duty of care to all the people involved in an investigation which can be difficult if personal information is posted online.

The Chief Inspector had this advice for social media users:

“I would encourage people not to name and shame on social media, it does cause us a number of issues in terms of safeguarding, looking after the families and the people involved.

My advice would be to actually contact the police and explain to us how you can identify somebody and let us do the investigation.”



The message we’re hearing from police now is if you see an offence taking place, or see something online get in contact with the police with any information you may have.

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