Why is Microsoft so quiet about Crackdown 3?

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AngelicIceDiamond5h ago(Edited 5h ago)

@Shadow A through C you’re wrong. I mean of course you’re wrong your’e never ever right lool. But that’s why im here to correct you. weather you like it or not ( :

A.) They already mentioned and confirmed the cloud tech is gonna be in there its either you didn’t know or you are choosing to forget and hit and your head to get amnesia to disprove its existence. keep hitting your head I guess to try and forget it, if it makes you feel better. Your vision may ne blurred but here you go https://gamingbolt.com/crac… They explained why it took the game so long also. Hell even the video Razzer posted up top said the Cloud tech is full blown in there. And if you still forget then there’s no hope for you.

B.) OH you mean this Gaas? https://www.gamezone.com/ne… You’re smoking on some strong gas it seems. A for effort. None of MS games have Gaas in them so keep makin it up and I will continue to shut you down, with ease.

C.) That’s made up af I don’t have a clue what any of that means. Mentally unstable much? As far as the game goes Ive checked the IGN message boards and threads to get a feel of what ppl really think of this game. And what do you know its actually positive, shocker right? Right!? Outside the negatively vocal walls of N4G ppl are actually hyped and looking forward to it. I know its soo hard to believe. But Shhh don’t cry its ok, its called reality.

Anything else I need correcting? Again that’s what I’m here for.

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